Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer - Cliff Martinez (OST) [iTunes Version] (2011)


The Lincoln Lawyer
Miusic by: Cliff Martinez
Release Year: 2011
Album Name: David Arnold – PAUL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Version]
Genre: Soundtrack
Label: Lakeshore Records
Quality: MPEG-4 AAC Audio 44100Hz 16Bits 256Kbps
Size: 95.85MB 


01. How’s It Hangin’ Counselor?
02. Looks A Little Short To Me
03. How Does Reggie Tell It?
04. We Did A Couple Things Right
05. You’re Right, I Killed Her
06. I Can Kick Your Ass
07. You Lied Val
08. Did I Get Frank Killed?
09. I’m A Missionary Man
10. About Those Thousand Razors
11. Woodsman
12. You’ve Got Someplace To Be
13. I Got This
14. Directed Verdict
15. Whose Side Are You On?
16. Shoot Me Right Now
17. Track Him
18. 911, What’s Your Emergency?
19. Repeat Customers

Plus: Digital Booklet – The Lincoln Lawyer 


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