Thursday, March 3, 2011

VA – Rango Ost (2011)

Although I will not go see this new film, I think some of you might do. So here is the soundtrack album of this film for you. Director Gore Verbinski’s first animated feature, “Rango”, is the tale of a chameleon in the old west (voiced by Caribbean star Johnny Depp) who is forced to become a reluctant hero. Rango features an all-star cast, and a soundtrack that combines a soaring score by best-selling composer Hans Zimmer (The Dark Night, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean) with original songs by Los Lobos, who act as a Greek chorus, commenting on the story in much the same way as Jonathan Richman in There s Something About Mary. With driving norteno melodies mixing with Ennio Morricone-inspired orchestral themes, “Rango” is a soundtrack both kids and adults will want to own.
Track List:
01. Rick Garcia – Welcome Amigo
02. Hans Zimmer – Rango Suite
03. Hans Zimmer – Certain Demise
04. Hans Zimmer / Lard – Medley – It’s A Metaphore / Forkboy
05. Hans Zimmer – Welcome To Dirt
06. Hans Zimmer – Name’s Rango
07. Jose Hernandez, Anthony Zuniga & Robert Lopez – Lizard For Lunch
08. Hans Zimmer – Stuck In Guacamole
09. Hans Zimmer – Underground
10. Hans Zimmer – We Ride, Really!
11. Hans Zimmer – Rango And Beans
12. Hans Zimmer / Hans Zimmer / FirstCom Music / Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan, conductor – Medley – Bats / Rango Theme / Ride Of The Valkyries / An Der Schonen Blauen Donau, OP.314
13. Rick Garcia – The Bank’s Been Robbed
14. Hans Zimmer – Rango Returns
15. Rick Garcia & George Del Hoyo – La Muerte A Llegado
16. Hans Zimmer – It’s A Miracle
17. Los Lobos – El Canelo
18. Hans Zimmer – The Sunset Shot
19. Los Lobos (Featuring Arturo Sandoval) – Walk Don’t Rango
20. Los Lobos – Rango Theme Song
Album Name:
Genre: Soundtrack
Label: Paramount Pictures
Quality: MPEG-4 AAC Audio 44100Hz 16Bits 256Kbps
Size: 77.98MB
Release Year: 2011

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